Vinyl Resin for integral machine millboard

Aug. 30, 2019

Vinyl Resin for integral machine millboard:

Integral machine paper: Paper is made of wood pulp and waste paper, which is not miserable into straw pulp, calcium powder, all straight lines, and has very stiffness. Surface fibers are not easy to carry static electricity, so they can prevent sticking when printing.

Advantages of Integrated Machine Paper:

Vinyl Resin for integral machine millboard

Vinyl Resin for integral machine millboard

1. When printing, it absorbs ink quickly, double-sided printing is dark-proof, passing through the machine smoothly, and is suitable for all brands of integrated machines, up to 150 pieces per minute.

2. When students see paper, it is not easy for them to reflect light and not glare for a long time. It can prevent eye fatigue and protect their eyesight very well.

3. Packing like photocopy paper, without distortion, warping, expiration and easy transportation.

Vinyl Resin for integral machine millboard,Providing the adhesion force on primer. Decrease the glass transition temperature(℃)

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