Vinyl Resin Yellowing At High Temperature

Oct. 14, 2018

With the summer coming, the temperature is higher and higer. It is very common status that Vinyl Resin will show yellowing at high temperature, but how we will avoid this status?

All vinyl chloride copolymers will occur this problem, the same with people getting older, while people could use skincare products to solve this problem, so vinyl resin also need “ skincare products” to against the oxidizing agent and UV.

With more than 20 years experience, Kunshan PG Chem have proper solutions regarding this status. Hydroxyl Modified Vinyl Chloride Manufacturer will improve the production process and improve the stability of vinyl resin when the temperature is high, which will improve the products stability.  Usually customers store the products in a dry and ventilated environment which will not occur the yellowing at high temperature. But it needs to add stabilizer for those areas whose temperature is very high, for example, Southeastern Countries.

Customers need to use proper stabilizer for their formulation according to their own product feature, which could avoid the yellowing for vinyl resin when use.

Vinyl Resin Yellowing At High Temperature