Vinyl Resin Can Improving Corrosion Resistance Of Can Coatings

Mar. 12, 2019

In order to keep canned food in containers for a long time, and to adhere to the color, aroma, taste and original nutritional value one by one, while conforming to industrial consumption, canned food containers need to meet the following requirements:

Separate tea cups, tableware and other requests, while meeting the consumption process. Safe/not react with food/satisfy process sealing request/beautiful and easy to open/cost. Today's consumers are layered and feel that the color-printed jar is more comfortable than the glass bottle.

Non-toxic to human body

Canned food contains sugar, protein, fat, organic acid, salt and other ingredients. As a container, the information directly contacts with food, and needs to be stored for a long time. They should not react chemically with each other, do not endanger human health, do not pollute food and affect food flavor.

Vinyl Resin for can coatings:excellent corrosion resistance and protection function, which could avoid appear electrochemical reaction.

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Vinyl Resin Can Improving Corrosion Resistance Of Can Coatings