Vinyl Resin Having Excellent Dispersibility To Pigments

Mar. 08, 2019

Vinyl Resin Manufacturer provide a pigment resin dispersant which in case of the pigment dispersed as a pigment dispersant, its dispersion stability becomes good by showing affinity to water, and which can obtain a good pigment dispersion liquid due to adsorbing to the pigment by having pigment affinity, and to provide a vinyl  resin, a water dispersion or an emulsion which can be used as a good binder component.

Vinyl Resin

Vinyl Resin for Aluminum Foil Ink: Good adhesion to aluminum foil and dispersibility to pigments. Carboxyl vinyl resin is mainly used.  

Vinyl Resin for PVC Ink: Good adhesion to PVC and dispersibility to pigments.

Vinyl Resin for Heat Transfer Ink: Good adhesion to PVC and dispersibility to pigments, heat transfer printing temperature can be reduced.

Vinyl Resin for Car Refinishes: Providing adhesion on the substraces, with good dispersibility and directional alignment functions for both pigments and silver powder.

Vinyl Resin for UV Coatings: soluble in monomer、solvent-free residue, provide the adhesion on substrate, such as ABS、 PET and PC etc. It could provide the alcohol resistance and dispersibility in pigment.

Vinyl Resin for Paper Ink: Providing adhesion to the paper,with excellent dispersibility to the pigments.