Ester-soluble Vinyl Resin Solves The Problem Of Film Bottoming

Feb. 24, 2019

1. Bite bottom phenomenon:

Bite the bottom means that the solvent in the upper coating softens and swells the underlying paint film, causing the adhesion of the underlying paint film to deteriorate, and the phenomenon of peeling and peeling is caused.

Ester-soluble Vinyl Resin as one of the original chemical materials for coatings, the advantage is that

Benefits of Ester-Soluble Chloroacetate Resin: Customers in the coatings industry can choose a wider range of solvents. They can choose not to be controlled by ketones. The taste, ketone weight and ester are not so irritating.

Secondly, in the application of the coating, when the second coating is applied, the newly applied coating bites the previously dried coating film from the substrate. The ester-soluble Vinyl Chloride Copolymers has a good improvement effect in this piece, the ester solvent does not bite the bottom, and the cost is cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

2, bite bottom edge

(1) When the primer is not completely dry, the top coat is applied, and the solvent in the top coat is easy to dissolve and soften the primer, causing a bite.

(2) When the top coat is applied, the operation is not fast, and if the number of repeated brushing is too many, the bottom biting phenomenon occurs.

(3) Some synthetic resin paint films modified with oil-based paint film and dry oil are corroded once they meet a strong solvent before being highly oxidized and polymerized into a film. If the primer is made of phenolic paint and the top coat is made of nitrocellulose paint, the solvent in the lacquer will bite off the oily phenolic paint and separate it from the original adhesion base.

(4) The amount of the first coating curing agent is insufficient, and the crosslinking is not sufficient;

(5) The coating is not matched twice before.

3, choose countermeasures

(1) After the primer is completely dried, apply the top coat.

(2) When applying solvent-based paint, it should be skillful, accurate, and fast, avoiding repeated brushing.

(3) The primer and top coat should be used together.

(4) Regarding the serious bottoming phenomenon, it is necessary to completely remove the coating and clean it. After the base layer is boring, the same type of paint is used to stop the brushing.

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