Vinyl Resin Solves The Problem Of Aging Of ECO Ink

Dec. 25, 2018

Through the small-scale pilot test feedback from many ECO ink cooperative companies in China and around the world, the new product of China's Vinyl Resin Supplier PG-Chem (ELC-15/45\ELC18/38), synthesizes and uses (some) additives. Significantly improved the problem of easy disconnection after the original aging test, thus effectively solving the problem of ink aging.


Use ELC18/38 resin 5% + (quantitative) % (a solvent) + (quantitative) % (a solvent) solvent to dissolve and filter, use the Whatman 1 micron filter directly through the filtration can be used to quantify the number of milliliters, using the upper layer quantitative micron + The lower layer quantitative micron two-stage filtration over 3000 ml is still very smooth. The multi-batch stability, filterability, print fluency, color development, and aging test of our products have proved that the amount of Vinyl Resin in a lot of ink factories can fully meet the requirements of current ink manufacturers.

Vinyl Resin Solves The Problem Of Aging Of ECO Ink

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