Vinyl Chloride Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Vinyl Resin For Coatings Equivalent To Wacker H15/42

Dec. 19, 2018


applied in the following fields such as:

strippable coating,

inkjet ink, PVC ink, silk-screen printing ink, paper ink, PVC adhesive, inks and coatings possessing high gloss and high solid content

electric cable material, pigment paste and flake for PU etc.

Vinyl Resin for Silk Screen Ink: Providing adhesion to the substrates, such as PVC and PET etc; Having excellent dispersibility to the pigments


For MTA5R type of bipolymer, ketone solvents are especially suited, such as acetone, MEK, nadone and isophorone.

Ester solvents have lower solubility for MTA5R Vinyl resin, such as methyl acetate, ethyl acetate and butyl acetate etc. Therefore, we need to heat the solution or add ketone solvents into the solution while MTA5R Vinyl resin is dissolved in ester solvents.

Chlorohydrocarbons, Nitro compound and alicyclic solvents, such as dichloroethane and diethylene oxide, also can dissolve MTA5R type of bipolymer, but these kinds of solvent are toxic, they are only used in special situation.

Vinyl Chloride Vinyl Acetate Copolymer


MTA5R type of bipolymer is miscible with other Vinyl resins during the course of usage, such as other types of Vinyl Chloride And Vinyl Acetate Copolymers Resins, PVC Vinyl resins, perchloro-ethylene Vinyl resin, ketone Vinyl resins, chloroprene rubber, NBR, polyacrylate, epoxy Vinyl resin, polyester and petroleum Vinyl resin etc.


MTA5R Vinyl resin has excellent light and heat stability, but when it is used outdoors or at higher temperature, the following stabilizers are suggested to use with it, such as organotin stabilizer without sulphur, epoxy compound stabilizer, light resistant ultraviolet stabilizer.


MTA5R Vinyl resin is usually packaged into the craft paper-plastic composite bag lined with plastic film according to 25Kgs per bag.


MTA5R Vinyl resin should be stored in dry place away from sunlight.


Any queries on technology or quality assurance can be inquired to our company. Should MTA5R Vinyl resin have been kept over the shelf time, it shouldn’t mean the Vinyl resin is invalid, but the user has to test the relevant properties of MTA5R Vinyl resin and its finished product before using it in bulk.