The 23rd China International Coatings Exhibition

Dec. 14, 2018

On 2018.12.4-6, the annual China International Coatings Exhibition was held in Guangzhou as scheduled. As the largest industry exhibition in China, it has attracted many customers from many countries and regions around the world to participate in the exhibition and procurement.

As a domestic professional Vinyl Resin Manufacturer, PG Chem was invited to participate in this exhibition. With this exhibition, PG Chem will push the application of Vinyl Resin in line with the development of the industry to a new level.

During the three-day exhibition, PG Chem booth attracted many participants to stop. The staff also professionally and patiently received every exhibitor who came to the booth. It is the product application advantage that the company launched this time. After the exhibitors understand it, they expressed great interest and hoped to have in-depth cooperation in the later stage.

Through this exhibition, PG Chem conducted friendly exchanges with industry professionals to discuss the current situation and development of the industry. PG Chem staff made it clear that the market and R&D direction will be expanded in the later period.

PG Chem specializes in the production of chloroacetic resin for 20 years. It not only deeply cultivates the domestic market, but also promotes the quality of chloroacetic resin to the whole world. With the international influence of this exhibition, PG Chem was able to gather some overseas agents to enjoy a drink and discuss the regional application of products.

Vinyl Resin Manufacturer

Vinyl Resin Manufacturer

Vinyl Resin Manufacturer