2018 Middle East Coatings Exhibition

Dec. 06, 2018

As a world-famous trading capital, Dubai has gathered a large number of “gold rush” opportunities in the East and West.

PG Chem successfully promoted “Quality Chloroacetic Acid” to various markets in the Middle East with the platform of “MEC 2018” in the 2018 Middle East Coatings Exhibition held in Dubai from March 19th to 21st.

Pangao foreign traders not only brought Hydroxyl Modified Vinyl Chloride after MVAF, MVAH, MTA5R and other technical changes to Middle Eastern customers, but also promoted the company's new foreign trade marketing model - "agent system + direct sales of large customers".

At the exhibition, new and old customers are rushing to find new products, and they are eager to improve the current coating products through follow-up technical exchanges and cooperation. Many traders also have a strong interest in new foreign trade marketing policies and hope to obtain exclusive rights to our company in the region.

Vinyl Resin

Dubai's development speed has attracted worldwide attention. Under the influence of the rapidly expanding construction industry, the demand for various coatings and construction chemicals is extremely strong. In addition, Dubai and the surrounding Gulf cities have brought huge wealth from the oil and finance industries, and have also driven the booming development of luxury goods such as automobiles and cosmetics. Along with this, there is also a large demand for paints, pigments, and the like.

Vinyl Resin

By exhibiting this MECS 2018 in Dubai, high-quality Vinyl Resin, in line with the pursuit of high-quality market, more enthusiastic industry support, PG Chem has gained a lot of experience in this Dubai exhibition!