About Two Production Indicators Of Vinyl Resin

Nov. 26, 2018

1. Glass transition temperature:

Tg represents the critical temperature at which the paint film is rigidly transferred by plasticity.

All acrylic resins have a Tg point, and generally only the Tg of the thermoplastic resin is indicated because the thermoplastic resin is an air-drying resin and the Tg does not change after drying. However, the cross-linking resin will increase the Tg value after drying, so the thermosetting property and the Tg reference of the hydroxychloroacetic resin are not large and are generally not indicated.

Thermoplastic Vinyl Resin, when the Tg value is too low, the paint film is difficult to dry, or can not be dried; Tg is too high, the hardness of the paint film is too high, which will cause the paint film to be brittle. Therefore, the Tg value of the resin must be carefully designed to the optimum value according to the requirements of the product. For example, the Tg of the solvent-based exterior wall coating is generally 55 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius, and the temperature is too high in the winter, especially in the north. It will cause cracking. If it is too low, it will easily become sticky in summer and has poor anti-staining properties. The thermosetting and hydroxychloroacetic acid resin Tg is too high, the Tg rises too much after crosslinking, and the paint film will be very brittle.

The Tg of the chloroacetate resin has been determined in the formulation design and does not change with the process. Sometimes, when using the paint, it will be used with different Tg resins. For example, plastic paint will use high and low Tg resin to prevent the migration of plasticizer.

2. Solvent system:

The type and type of solvent system has a great influence on the properties of the resin. Therefore, the choice of solvent should be relatively strict. There are three principles for choosing a solvent:

(1) according to the polarity and solubility of the resin;

(2) Match the solvent according to the later paint;

(3) according to the evaporation gradient of the solvent;

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