Dissolve Formula Of Vinyl Resin

Oct. 21, 2018

What is the mixed solvents easily dissolved for Vinyl Resin, ethyl acetate solvent with a little acetone solvent as mixture, acetone is harmful and could be selected without adding; or mix ethyl acetate with e-propyl acetate. Mixed solvents means that two kinds or more than two kinds solvents are mixed together as per the regular rules,and it is also solution acquiring by mix two solvents including water with different dissolution performance and application range, because it influences with each other mutually  and improve its dissolved ability greatly and have different kinds of solvents advantage displayed fully.

Hydroxyl Modified Vinyl Acetate Terpolymers

1、Good Solvents

Ketone,DMF, tetrahydrofuran etc are goods solvents for vinyl resin products, and the most common solvents used in inks and coatings are ketone solvents, such as cyclohexanone,MEK, MIBK and acetone etc, and the best dissolution performance is cyclohexanone, and the others solvents are very near in solubility, but cyclohexanone has weakness with heavy stink and high boiling point and  difficult volatilization etc; and acetone has weakness with lower boiling points and fast volatilization speed.

Therefore, the solvents are mostly used in inks and coatings formula products is MEK. 

2、Not good solvents

Ethyl Acetate and Butyl Acetate etc ester solvents also have solubility for vinyl resin, but the solubility is not so good and need heating for the complete dissolution,moreover, the solution maybe become jelly after the temperature is lower than the room temperature with slow fluidity and could not be as single solvent for application, so ester solvents are often used with combination of ketone solvents( MVAH grade from PG Chem can be dissolved in ester solvents completely)

Therefore, ester solvents and ketone solvents are needed for combination together for application.

3. Diluent

Toluene can not dissolve Hydroxyl Modified Vinyl Acetate Terpolymers products, but adding some ratio toluene in the solvents system can improve the solution transparency and can balance the ratios of solvents( high,middle and low) in the solvents systems to adjust the solvents volatilization speed function.

4. Solvents Match ratio

In the vinyl resin solution with solid content 20%, ketone solvents have more than 30%( the percentage more higher,the solubility better), and the rest are ester solvents、toluene and both matched for  usage.