Temperature Tolerance Of Vinyl Resin

Oct. 13, 2018

Currently, the inks made with Vinyl Resin of PG Chem is used for gravure printing red pattern on PC surface( the total pattern is red and white color constancy), the result is that adhesive force very good in normal temperature and without peeling by 100 lattice method,and knurling and combined another layer materials when 220 degrees to certify fastness to see that red ink separated from PC layer in the red inks areas. Of course, different brand and kinds vinyl resin have the different temperature tolerance, so testing the samples firstly. 

How to solve gravure inner inks could not be high temperature resisting steaming, is it related to vinyl resin?

Gravure inner inks have four main raw materials, they are vinyl resin、pigment、solvent、stuffing materials and so many production procedures,so lots of factors result in some problems happening.

Gravure inner inks could not be high temperature resisting steaming, does it have relation to vinyl resin?

There are two kinds of Vah Resin which is suitable for printing inks on gravure machine: PU resin with anti-high temperature resistance for gravure inks and middle viscosity vinyl resin terpolymers with high content chloride.

Anti-high temperature resistance high content chloride vinyl resin actually is the copolymer of VC&VAC and it substantially is drying lacquer base; On the plastic film surface of printing inks, after the volatility organic solvent is evaporated quickly in the inks systems, and such high content chloride vinyl resin terpolymers combined with other systems compatible resin forms very thin ink film.

In the gravure compound inks formulation with high-temperature boiling& steaming resistance, normally we choose high tenacity、lasting flexibility、Wear resistant property、low water swelling property、low breathability、high-temperature boiling& steaming resistance etc vinyl resin after the film-forming. 

Of course, Inks need anti-high temperature boiling& steaming resistance and need to choose PU resin with boiling& steaming resistance. 

When choosing PU resin liquid for inks, we require the inks with excellent adhesive force on plastic film, and ink film has very good anti-heat and anti-water boiling, good solvent releasing and little residual amount, good wettability on pigment, high glossiness etc performance. The PU resin liquid for inks on sales market mainly contains polyurethane, isopropanol,MEK and Toluene etc, and the appearance is colorless or slightly yellow transparent and ropiness liquid, solid content 25-35%, and the added quantity normally is 35-45% in the inks forma. 

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