Problems encountered in vinyl resin for PU ink

Aug. 03, 2019

Problems encountered in vinyl resin for PU ink shared by Vinyl Chloride Copolymers Supplier.

(1)Types of Gravure Composite Ink 

A:CPP ink (mainly CPP chlorinated polypropylene Chloroether resin)

B:PU ink (PU ink (PU resin, hydroxyl vinyl chloride resin)

C: EVA ink (vinyl resin, EVA resin)

(2) Dissolution of vinyl resin

In the application of PU ink, there are three main ways:

A: High speed dispersion, rotating speed XXX, time X hours

B: Devil machine rocking, glass beads size XXX-XXX mm, time X hours

C: Horizontal grinder, X hours

Specific way or to specific experimental operation. Welcome to contact Xinfeng/Pangao Chemical Technology Partners. Mail:

Vinyl Resin for EVA shoes treatment adhesive

Vinyl Resin for EVA shoes treatment adhesive

(3) What is the amount of vinyl resin added to the ink formulation?

Answer: Different ink colours, different additions. Take white ink as an example: the addition amount is X%, the addition amount of color ink is X%. Welcome to contact Xinfeng/Pangao Chemical Technology Partners.

(4) How to test the thermal stability of vinyl chloride resin for PU ink? What are the test conditions?

Answer: According to customer requirements, thermal stability test is carried out. The test conditions are based on the customer's required temperature and the number of days in the oven, and then observe the color change of the powder or solution.

(5) How to test the resolvability of the ink made of vinyl resin?

Answer: Directly drop the solvent on the printed ink to see if the ink dissolves again in a certain period of time.

(6) How to test the boiling and cooking resistance of ink made of vinyl resin? What is the test method?

Answer: 100 degree boiling or 121 degree boiling or 135 degree boiling, depending on the demand of ink application.

(7) What is the approximate formula of ink?

Answer: Mainly pigments, resins, auxiliaries, fillers, solvents (whether isopropanol, water) and so on.

(8) How effective is the ink made in shallow screen printing?

Answer: Ink in shallow screen printing effect is generally good, mainly reflected in good resolvent, improve walking speed, suitable for high-speed printing. However, if there is an inappropriate situation, you can see the application from dirty plate, blocking plate and generating knife line.

(9) What is the storage stability of vinyl resin for ink? How stable is the ink storage?

Answer: The stability of the ink stored in vinyl resin is better, which can be determined mainly by no precipitation, no change in resin viscosity and clear and transparent resin solution. Storage conditions depend on the number of days and temperature required for application.

Ink storage stability is also based on specific applications, in the required temperature placed days, in the detection.