Vinyl Chloride Resin Is Widely Used In Coatings

Dec. 12, 2018

Vinyl Chloride Copolymers for Furniture Coatings, Fantastic leveling Land and directional Orientation Works for silver powder, solvent Discharge (Great compatibility with alcohol resin which Is Quite Hard for dry, so it Might have the Purpose for solvent release), which Is Broadly Utilized for topcoat and primer

Vinyl Resin for can coatings, Superb corrosion resistance and security function, which could prevent appear electrochemical reaction

Vinyl Resin for EVA Surface Fixing Agent, supply the adhesion of foundation substance between PU and EVA, yellow immunity.

Vinyl Resin for Plastic PaintsIt has alcohol resistance and decent adhesion on ABS, PC, PET and PVC etc, and has great directional alignment functionss for silver powder.

Vinyl Resin for Car Refinishes, Supplying adhesion on the substraces, together with good dispersibility and directional orientation works for both silver and pigments powder.

Vinyl Resin for Strippable Coatings, give you the flexibility and ductility, readily strip the movie strength.

Vinyl sheeting for leather treatment glue, Supplying adhesion force and prevent plasticizer transferring.

Xinfeng/ PG Chem Co., Ltd servicing the coat, ink, glue and film industries all over the globe.

Shexian xinfeng compound co., LTD.. Premiered in 1998. Following two years of growth, the business has become China's top provider of plastic acetate chain paints.

Manufactures functional vinyl resins comprising different base substances, such as vinyl chloride copolymer. Functional vinyl resins like solvent based resin may also offer feature functionalities into the feel and other properties of a commodity, producing added value and leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Solvent Based Software

PG Chem's merchandise is a modified vinyl resin which combines the durability and chemical resistance of vinyl chloride copolymer together with all the strong adhesiveness and plasticity of vinyl acetate.

Vinyl Resin