PG Chem Foreign Trade Opens Philippines Visit to Customers

Nov. 16, 2018

The Philippines is the last stop of PG Chem’s foreign visits to customers in 2018. India Station, Dubai Station, the United States Station, Japan Station... One stop after another, foreign trade colleagues have explored the experience of "going abroad to visit customers."

1, more intuitively show the company's strengths and strengths to customers. ,

2. If the customer has multiple departmental colleagues present at the same time, use the prepared PPT for the meeting.

3. Select products that are suitable for the customer's market.

4, refine the advantages of the product, convey accurate information to the customer, let the customer know where our recommended products are, why we recommend.

Establish customer confidence in the quality of our company.

1) Provide proof of certificate;

2) Provide the company's laboratory test report;

3) Display the company's strict quality system in PPT;

4) Prepare customers who use our products in the same area;

5) The quality of the sample.

Let our partners help us improve.

Collect and analyze the customer complaints and suggestions of the cooperative customers, and use the pictures and texts to match the samples provided by the customers to the company's products, quality and R&D departments.

Invite customers to visit the factory.

Appropriate interviews with customer etiquette and industry professional smooth communication will quickly establish good relationships with customers, and inviting customers to the factory to guide, is more sincere

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