The Role Of Different Vinyl Resin

Nov. 08, 2018

The role of Vinyl Chloride and Vinyl Acetate Copolymers Resins series

Vinyl Chloride -vinyl acetate co-polymer series were used for high hardness, high toughness,high durability and high resistance to chemical character, can be used for strippable coating, silk screen printing ink, shielding plasticizer overflow coating, PVC and paper printing ink, etc. In order to improve the solid share and the performance,this series of vinyl resin can be blended with other types of vinyl resin we use.

The role of Hydroxyl Modified Vinyl Chloride- vinyl acetate series

Hydroxyl modified vinyl chloride - vinyl acetate series can be widely used in coating applications, including industrial maintenance and Marine finish and anti corrosive coating, paper coating, general metal finish coating, can coating, PET ink, wood coating, leather coating, plastic paint and adhesives used in carbon tape and tape.

The role of Carboxyl modified vinyl chloride - vinyl acetate series

Carboxyl modified vinyl chloride - vinyl acetate series are mainly used in air-drying finish coating, such as maintenance paint, ship and can coating, inter-layer adhesion coating, aluminum foil varnish, hot stamping foil adhesive, shoe material adhesive, UV surface treating agent, UV primer and metal ink etc. 

Hydroxyl Modified Vinyl Chloride