The selection direction of gravure printing ink and the function of vinly resin

Oct. 09, 2019

Vinyl resin suppliers  today introduce the selection direction of gravure printing ink and the function of vinly resin, I hope to help everyone.

Five factors for selecting ink: Firstly, the following five factors need to be determined:

(1) printed: what substrate should be printed?

(2) printing conditions: what kind of machine printing, printing speed?

(3) printing effect: what kind of effect do you want to get?

(4) Processing Conditions: How to process printed matter?

(5) Usage: What kind of use is the final product used for? It is important to confirm these points before printing to select the appropriate ink and prevent future failures.

1. Printed

The type of printed matter is the most important factor in determining the type of ink used. Even for the same species, there are often differences between varieties and grades. Therefore, the following points need to be investigated in as much detail as possible:

1)The types of printed matter (the composition of materials).

2) Commodity name (manufacturer).

3)Grade (thickness, presence or absence of electrostatic preventive and other additives).

4) Whether there is pretreatment or not, and how about the treatment methods.

5)Printing surface.

2. Printing conditions

1) The capacity and position of the drying device. 

2) Printing speed. 

3) The shape and number of lines of the edition.

4) How many colours and printing sequence are printed? 

5)Temperature condition in printing workshop. 

6)whether there is operation of preheater and cooler. 

The drying speed of ink is affected by various conditions such as printing press and environment, which makes the printing effect unstable and causes printing diseases. Such cases are sometimes encountered in the printing process.

3. Printing effect


2) Concentration. 

3) Transparency and coverage. 

4) Gloss, no gloss. 

5) Whether to overlap the printing. 

6)Printing or lithography. 

7)Whether there is additional printing gloss.

In addition, according to the type of ink selected, it is limited by the use or durability of the printed matter, so progress will not get the desired printing effect. Therefore, this should also be considered as one of the factors of product quality.

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