Vinyl acetate resin supplier PG Chem was invited to push the Bangladesh market

Dec. 17, 2019

People's Republic of Bangladesh (Bengali: Gônôprôjatôntri Bangladesh, English: People's Republic Of Bangladesh), referred to as Bangladesh, a South Asian country, is located in the north of the Bay of Bengal, a small part of the southeast mountain area is adjacent to Myanmar, and east, west and north are adjacent to India There are also a large number of enclaves on the northern border, with a total area of 147,570 square kilometers.

The Bangladeshi are one of the ancient peoples of the South Asian subcontinent. The earliest residents of Bangladesh were Asian and Australian. In 1971, Bangladesh became independent from Pakistan.

Bangladesh has the highest population density in the world.

As a domestic supplier of high-quality chloroacetate resins, PG Chemicals was invited by regional agents to visit local end-use customers in the ink, coating and adhesive industries in Bangladesh. Colleagues from the Ministry of Foreign Trade, as "experts" of chloroacetate resin, gave advice to customers on industry applications, and listened to the differences in market demand from customers and regional agents with an open mind. Customers highly appreciated the product iteration of many models of chloroacetic acid resins by PG Chemicals in the past two years, which have significantly improved the performance of ester dissolution, color development, and stability.

PG Chemicals

The itinerary of Bangladesh is continuing, and we look forward to more good news.