Ester-soluble vinyl resin

Aug. 08, 2019

Ester-soluble vinyl resin

Ester Soluble Hydroxyl Modified Ternary Vinyl Resin


Ester-soluble hydroxyl modified ternary vinyl resin is white powder, ester-soluble, colorless and transparent solution; excellent solvent release, film-forming, color development, dispersibility and wettability; and MVAF has excellent dispersibility for pigments, good adhesion with PET, can completely replace other products.

Ester-soluble vinyl resin is a kind of thermoplastic, physical F-drying binder that forms film after evaporation of solvent contained in the formula. Like all polyethylene copolymer materials, ester-soluble vinyl chloride resin has excellent toughness, flexibility, high wear resistance, low water swelling and low gas vapor permeability in the presence of water.


Ketones and esters are very good solvents for Ester-soluble vinyl resin MVAF. They are not only soluble in ketones, but also completely soluble in esters. The solution is colorless, transparent or yellowish. Among them, the excellent ester solubility is the characteristic and bright spot of new MVAF. Ester solvents such as ethyl acetate, n-propyl ester, etc.

Chemical resistance:

The paint film formed by ester-soluble series vinyl resin -- ester-soluble vinyl resin has excellent water resistance, salt resistance, oil resistance, grease resistance, oleic acid resistance, alkali resistance and salt resistance. It swells in different degrees in aromatic hydrocarbons and ammoniated hydrocarbon solvents. Ester-soluble vinyl resin has the ability to resist aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents (white oil) and alcohol solvents.

Ester-soluble hydroxyl modified ternary vinyl resin


Ester-soluble vinyl resin can be used with all other surface coated resins and can also be miscible with many other resins. Such as acrylic resin, ketone resin and partial epoxy resin. The hydroxyl group contained in ester-soluble vinyl resin makes its film formation more flexible. Adding plasticizers (external plasticizers) can further improve their flexibility. It is compatible with lipid soluble nitrocellulose. It is incompatible with alkyd resin, polyvinyl acetate resin and polyvinyl butyral resin. In general, it is required to test the compatibility of ester-soluble vinyl resin with the polymer used in combination.

Ester-soluble vinyl resins are generally well compatible with pigments and fillers used in the paint industry. Alkaline pigments may have strong thixotropic reactions. It is noteworthy that in the application of baking varnish, the use of pigments containing iron, zinc and cadmium should be careful of the risk of discoloration and should be pre-tested.


Ester-soluble vinyl resin MVAF resin is widely used in gravure composite plastic ink, PU ink, plastic paint and so on.

Other roles:

Ester-soluble vinyl resin MVAF is mainly used in ink, wood paint, plastic paint and other inks. It has good dispersibility to pigments and improves the color development, resolvability and composite strength of inks.

Wood lacquer: It has good compatibility with alkyd. It can improve leveling, solvent release, wear resistance and so on. It is more environmentally friendly and green.

Plastic paint: It has excellent adhesion properties to all kinds of plastics (ABS, PC, PVC, etc.). Solvent dissolution of resin esters can prevent "bottom biting" phenomenon, and has good directional alignment function for silver powder or extinction powder.