Classification of adhesion promoters

Dec. 11, 2019

What is adhesion promoter? The application range of adhesion promoter? Adhesion promoter is widely used in various chemical fiber, wood, plastic, metal, ceramics, glass, ABS, PVC and other base materials to greatly improve the adhesion between film and substrate. Now, vinyl resin suppliers would like to introduce to you the classification of adhesion accelerators.

I. Resin adhesion accelerators

Resin type adhesion accelerator has good miscibility with general resin, and can form a certain chemical combination with substrate, thus forming a chemical binding force between coating and substrate.

II. Silane coupling agents as adhesion promoters

The polar surface of inorganic substrate is easy to absorb a layer of water film in the environment, which makes the hydrophobic substrate in the coating difficult to wet the substrate, so it is difficult to have good adhesion.

Vinyl Resin

Vinyl Resin

III. The inorganic substrate of titanate coupling agent is often affected by a layer of water adsorbed on the surface, which is similar to silane coupling agent.

The film and substrate can form hydrogen bond and chemical bond through mechanical combination and physical adsorption, and can be combined by mutual diffusion. The adhesion produced by these actions determines the adhesion between the paint film and the substrate.

Vinyl Resin for PVC gusset plate, Providing the adhesion force between PVC printing and PVC substrate Initial viscosity higher and fastness stronger.