Chinese manufacturing enterprises replacing Dow vinly resin

Mar. 30, 2020

Dow Chemical Company is a global chemical enterprise, known for its science and technology, which provides innovative chemicals, plastics, agricultural chemical products and services for major consumer markets. Dow's customers are located in 175 countries around the world, serving many markets, including food, transportation, health care and medicine, personal and home care, construction and engineering, which are very important for the development of human life.

Because the product performance is stable, it can meet the application needs of many industries, and is deeply liked by the ink, coating and adhesive industries. However, due to various reasons, Dow chloroacetate resin was officially shut down in 2009. It can be seen that at present, the source of Dow vinly resin products on the market is complex, and there may be many after-sales problems.

As a domestic manufacturer of quality vinly resin, Pangao chemical company has long regarded quality as life and attached great importance to product development and quality control system construction. The company continues to increase R & D investment, improve cooperation with universities and research institutions, and launch a more environmentally friendly ester soluble chloroacetic acid system and quaternary carboxyl chloroacetic acid resin based on the original ketone soluble chloroacetic acid series resin. All products have passed the testing of professional third-party testing institutions and passed the pre registration and formal registration of reach in EU, SVHC in EU, FDA in USA, ROHS, PAHs, phthalate, ISO9001, etc. In addition, the company has set up a special application testing laboratory, which can simulate the use of customers for application testing. The production of vinly resin products is equivalent to Dow's vmch, VAGH, vagd, vroh, etc.