How to solve the corrosion of PU ink to the iron can and the choice of vinly resin model

Jun. 24, 2020

The customer is to make PU ink, and the vinly resin currently used is imported vinly resin. The feedback is that the solubility and transparency of the resin are good, but the color used for red (pr146) is not bright, the mobility is poor and the adhesion to pet is poor. The dosage of chloroacetic acid in the formula is 5% of the solid content, and the vinly resin used for PU ink is a model in China. Ink storage time after the corrosion of the iron can is very serious. What suggestions do you have for the above problems?


1. The type of imported vinly resin is not good for red dispersion

2. Poor dispersion of vinly resin will result in poor fluidity of resin

3. The adhesion of pet to PU ink is mainly provided by polyurethane resin, and the main performance of vinly resin is pigment grinding and dispersion. Too much 5% of vinly resin  in the formula will also affect the adhesion of pet.

4. The corrosion of the iron tank and the stability of the vinly resin are not good, whether the dissolution mode, temperature and rotation speed of the customer will have problems.


1. It is recommended to replace mvaf or mvag of Pangao chemical, a Chinese supplier of vinly  resin.

2. It is suggested that the solid content should be 2-3% of the formula

3. It is suggested to test the adhesion of pet with several PU resins

4. Recommended solution: rotate at 1000 rpm, and the temperature is within 45 ℃, so as to reduce the free chlorine corrosion caused by high-speed dispersion

5. Recommend hydroxyl series, mvaf \ mvag \ pg-hc \ mta5r and other performances of Chinese vinly resin manufacturers to customers.

Mvag can be considered for high-grade products. Mvag is a product of vinyl alcohol system and a two-step production process. It is no problem to replace imported powder a and vinly resin from other countries. Its characteristics are good dispersion of resin and strong color development of pigment. It is especially suitable for high-grade ink. The ink produced has strong adaptability. It can meet the requirements of light screen printing and high-speed printing. Especially, the colors that are not easy to mix, such as peach, purple and black, have outstanding color development.

Mvaf can be considered as a medium-sized ink. This product belongs to hydroxypropyl system. It can be produced in one-step process. It has good stability and high cost performance. It can be basically applied to medium-sized white ink and has good color development. Its technical parameters are basically the same as those of t5hx. In application, it can completely replace tp-500a and t5hx.

If you do low-grade ink, in the cooking requirements are not high, you can consider using mlc-20, this product has good ester solubility and good color development.


Chlorine vinly resin pg-hc, this product can improve the composite strength of ink and any kind of solvent-free composite glue (the improvement effect is more than 30%), and pg-hc has a very good dispersing ability for titanium dioxide, and the effect of making high-grade white ink is obvious.


Mta5r can be used for colors that are difficult to disperse or have high requirements for color development. This product is characterized by high hydroxyl content, which is most suitable for pigments with high dispersion requirements and has good color development effect.