How can vinly resin solve the problem of edge warping?

Jun. 11, 2020

A gusset board glue manufacturer takes other brands of vinly resin in China as glue in the proportion of 10:7. In the formula, the ratio of vinly resin is 20%, TPU is 3%, and the solvents are mainly methyl ester, ethyl ester, toluene, cyclohexanone and DMF together account for 13 points. In the process of using, it was found that the glue was red in the downstream gusset plate factory, but the initial adhesion of the glue was very good when it was coated online, while the two sides of the plate and membrane were prone to edge warping when it was coated offline. The viscosity of the glue increases with the change of other vinyl resin models of the same brand, and the edge warping phenomenon reduces but still exists when coating off-line. When the glue is coated, there is heating equipment to heat the film. The customer feedback is more serious, especially when the film is not fully heated. The difference between on-line coating and off-line coating was explained, and the reason and solution of edge warping of customer glue during off-line coating were analyzed.


1. The ratio of cyclohexanone and DMF is 13 points, and the initial viscosity of glue is low.

2. It is understood that the binary vinly resin of other domestic brand enterprises of vinly resin is used, which has low viscosity. The ratio of 10:7 is used as glue, which reduces the viscosity of glue.

3. The resin content in the glue is too low (only 23% of chloroacetic acid + TPU).

4. The proportion of strong solvent in the whole formula is too small (the total proportion of cyclohexanone and DMF is 13 points)

5. The thickness of PVC film will also be the cause of glue edge warping

6. After offline, the light temperature is not high enough.


1. First, choose the resin with larger molecular weight to match, and increase the viscosity of glue.

2. Consider adding phenol, acrylic acid or other brands of TPU to increase the viscosity of the glue.

3. Increase the solid content of vinly resin, and make the viscosity not too low.

4. The proportion of strong solvent should be increased so that the glue can better corrode the substrate and enhance the adhesion.

5. To consider whether the PVC film is too thick, try to choose a thinner film.

6. After off-line, the drying temperature should be increased.

7. On line coating refers to the coating method of putting materials into the machine, extruding the gusset plate, setting, gluing and cutting, which basically belongs to the work of pure machine assembly line; off line coating refers to the production method of gluing and coating in which the gusset plate has been extruded and cut well in the early stage, and the plate is put into the machine directly in the later stage.