Price forecast of vinly resin in 2020, industry trend and structure are better

Jun. 02, 2020

Many chemical media platforms predict that in 2020, the overall price of chemicals will drop by 5%, and the upstream raw materials related sectors will continue to be affected by the increase in supply and demand slowdown, with the fundamentals weaker than 2019; the downstream materials related sectors are expected to benefit from the booming industry demand such as electronics, new energy vehicles, agriculture and the low cost of upstream raw materials.

Vinly resin is the basic raw material of chemical industry, which directly affects the production quantity and quality of ink, coating and adhesive. Vinly resin for printing ink, vinly resin for coating and vinly resin for adhesive are directly related to the basic livelihood guarantee, such as: 1. Vinly resin for printing ink - vinly resin for gravure composite ink, vinly resin for PVC ink, vinly resin for reflective material ink, vinly resin for screen printing, vinly resin for heat transfer ink, vinly resin for aluminum foil ink and Pu color paste Vinly resin for color chip, vinly resin for spray painting ink, etc.; 2. Vinly resin for paint - vinly resin for wood paint, vinly resin for plastic paint, vinly resin for toy paint, vinly resin for paint on inner wall of can, vinly resin for leather treatment agent, vinly resin for peelable paint, vinly resin for anticorrosive paint, etc.; 3. Vinly resin for adhesive - electrochemical aluminum glue The downstream production enterprises, no doubt, cover all aspects of life.

In the past ten years, the domestic production enterprises of vinly resin quickly broke the monopoly of imported vinly resin. Xinfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development and production of quality vinly resin for 25 years. Its superior product performance has long replaced the same product imported from abroad. Under the situation of increasing environmental protection pressure, it launched the environmentally friendly vinly resin to improve the satisfaction of downstream enterprise customers with products and services. Pangao Chemical Co., Ltd. timely adjusted the sales price of vinly resin series products in combination with market demand and cost changes. The product price is always no higher than that of imported vinly resin, making every effort for downstream production enterprises to resume production in 2020.

Compared with other chemical products, the price of vinly resin in 2020 is estimated, the industry trend and structure are good, and the product price will not be reduced.