Vinyl Resin for Coated Adhesive for PVC pinch plate

May. 29, 2020

Coating glue plays a very important role in the decoration of materials. Many decoration materials will use coating glue with various types. For example, aluminum alloy coating glue, PVC gusset plate coating glue, plastic steel coating glue, wood coating glue, etc.

In the process of using PVC gusset plate, when it is used in combination with materials, the time of using coating glue is relatively short, and the main demand is to be able to stick materials in a short time. It can win more time for workers, thus reflecting the excellent performance of the coating adhesive.

There are three main reasons for foaming and edge warping of PVC gusset plate

  1. The problem of gusset plate material;

  2. The improper construction technology;

  3. The choice of adhesive may be wrong.

As the main resin of PVC gusset board coating glue, the selection of vinly resin directly affects the quality of coating glue. The PVC gusset plate is coated with vinly resin, which has very good solubility and certain ester solubility. It can improve the yellowing resistance of glue, especially the glue is not easy to turn red and yellow in summer, and prolong the storage time of glue. Improve the initial viscosity of the glue, make it difficult to warp the edge of the composite cutting board, suitable for online and offline production, provide the adhesion between PVC printing and PVC flooring, increase the initial viscosity and firmness.

Coating adhesive can be used with many materials. From the use effect, the main application function is that its viscosity is very large.


Universal coating adhesive is suitable for the production of PVC, decorative paint paper and solid wood skin on the surface of various lines such as wood, aluminum-plastic profiles and foaming materials. Instead of the traditional painting process, it is used for the production of door jamb line, skirting line, gusset plate, curtain rod, windowsill, aluminum alloy doors and windows, picture frame and other surface coating. Adopt all kinds of forming pressing wheels to simulate the action of manual veneering, attach the surface decoration materials to the surface of the base material, generally select the center line or the highest point or the lowest point of the profile as the starting point, fix the position of the pressing wheel along the profile surface, point by point, in order to form the profile envelope.

In daily use, the coating adhesive must be placed in a ventilated place for preservation, not in a high temperature place. After use, it needs to be sealed to avoid the contact of air with dawn, which will have a negative impact. After sealing, the service life of the coating adhesive can be prolonged.