Vinyl resin is used for coating adhesive, PVC coating adhesive does not change yellow

Mar. 25, 2020

Characteristics of vinly resin: the super high molecular weight vinyl chloride vinyl acetate maleic acid maleic anhydride quaternary copolymer resin modified by carboxyl group has the approximate composition of 85% vinyl chloride, 13% vinyl acetate, 1% succinic acid, 1% maleic anhydride, average molecular weight of about 27000, K value of about 46. Because of its carboxyl group, Carboxyl-ModifiedVinyl Chloride/Vinyl AcetateCopolymer FVAM has excellent adhesion to smooth substrate such as metal, especially aluminum foil. The film has good adhesion to PVC, ABS, paper, textile, concrete, acrylic surface treated PE and OPP at the same time. Carboxyl-ModifiedVinyl Chloride/Vinyl AcetateCopolymer FVAM provides ideal balance of chemical resistance, solubility, excellent transparency, film strength and thermoplastic, with good hardness and flexibility. It also has good water resistance and excellent resistance to oil, ester, acid, alkali and salt solution.

Vinyl resin is used for coating adhesive, PVC coating adhesive does not change yellow

Coating adhesive, benzene free and aldehyde free dark black gel, room temperature curing, high peel strength, low cost of use, application: suitable for PVC or paper veneer of particleboard, MDF board, or gypsum board.

PVC coating glue is usually used:

1. Generally, PVC wood grain film is glued on one side and can be applied by rolling and scraping.

2. The coating must be uniform in thickness and thickness to ensure that there is no under coating and no glue accumulation. The thickness of the coating can be adjusted properly according to the thickness of the film and the weather.

3. It is suggested that the film application time should be shorter in dry and high temperature summer or autumn, longer in wet and low temperature spring and winter. It is advisable to use your fingers to touch the adhesive surface to feel fast dry and stick your hands at one time. The specific length of time can only be determined by the customer's self debugging according to the thickness of the glue, the speed of the strip and the relevant materials and the ambient temperature. In the process of using PVC coating adhesive, it is easy to turn yellow. The main reason is that it needs a variety of materials.

Compared with Carboxyl-Modified Vinyl Chloride/Vinyl Acetate Terpolyme, Carboxyl-ModifiedVinyl Chloride/Vinyl AcetateCopolymer FVAM can improve the yellowing of PVC coating adhesive. Welcome to consult and sample.