vinly resin is used in the heat sealing adhesive of medical packaging to enhance the heat sealing strength of soft aluminum

Mar. 17, 2020

The main function of vinly resin used in hot air adhesive for pharmaceutical packaging is to provide direct adhesion between aluminum foil and PVC, with strong heat sealing strength.

he detection method of pharmaceutical packaging is as follows: dissolve 20% solid content of vinly resin in 1:1 toluene: butanone solution, coating with No. 4 coating rod, coating amount is 3.5 + - 0.5g/m2, dry in 180 ° oven for 10 seconds, and then conduct heat sealing test.

Heat sealing of aluminum foil and PVC was carried out on a heat sealing machine with a pressure of 150 ℃ and a heat sealing time of 2kg for 1s. The heating surface was aluminum foil surface. After the hot air is done, it is cut into small strips with a width of 15mm, and the upper tension machine detects the peel force of 180 degrees. The factory must be more than 10N / 15mm when leaving the site, and the standard of the drug packaging factory is more than 7n / 15mm.

The aluminum foil (AL) for medical packaging is printed on the surface, the outer layer is protected by varnish, the inner layer is coated with heat sealing adhesive (VC agent), the printing pattern is clear and the color is rich, and it can be heat sealed with PVC, PVC / PVDC, PP, NY / Al / PVC and other molding materials, with good light proof and barrier properties, and it is easy to push or puncture, and convenient to take medicine. It is suitable for the packaging of tablets, capsules, pills and other drugs.

The surface materials of medical packaging are nylon (NY), aluminum foil (AL) and PVC composite (or NY / Al / coating VC agent, Al / Al / coating VC agent). The product has high barrier and light proof, can effectively prevent the destruction of various gases to the pharmaceutical ingredients, can fully extend the shelf life of the content, and adopts the cold stamping process when packaging. It is suitable for the packaging of tablets, capsules, pills and other solid preparations.

The surface printing material of pharmaceutical packaging is composed of pet, aluminum foil (AL) and PE, with clear pattern, rich color, high surface glossiness, crisp appearance, high lightfastness and barrier, which can ensure a long shelf life of pharmaceuticals. It is suitable for automatic double aluminum packaging of tablets, capsules, pills and other solid drugs.

With the development of pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical packaging materials continue to increase. As one of the raw materials, chloroacetate resin should meet the market demand and constantly adjust the product performance. Carboxyl-ModifiedVinyl Chloride/Vinyl AcetateCopolymer is undoubtedly a high-quality chloroacetate resin used in pharmaceutical packaging at present, which can enhance the heat sealing strength of soft aluminum.