China Vinyl Resin manufacturer attended Vietnam Coating Show

Jul. 12, 2019

During the three days Vietnam Coating Show in Ho Chi Minh, PG Chem had been keeping busy to interview customers,they became the most popular booth at site. As the co-built country of “The Belt and Road”and “Two Corridors And One Ring”, Vietnam is one of the most important strategic partner of China. So PG Chem is always paying attention to develop the Vietnam market, the new type vinyl resin they launched with more stable property which is widely used in inks ,coatings & adhesives.


PG Chem promoted the brand influence of “Quality Vinyl Resin”in Vietnam, even in Southeast Asia. In the exhibition, new and old customers had deeply communications with our foreign trade dpt colleagues on the vinyl resin application and market development direction in local chemical industry, we hope that the quality of the local inks, coatings,adhesives will be optimized after the technical communications.

 China Vinyl Resin manufacturer attended Vietnam Coating Show

With the opportunity of exhibition, PG Chem foreign sales visited new customers in Vietnam and learned that the regional demand and application difference of vinyl resin in this area.


The first half year of 2019 is over, but the “quality vinyl resin promoted globally” is just beginning. Because of the complex and vagaries in international economical environment,PG Chem will pay a close attention to the government strategy to draw up their foreign trade plans,and take the leadership of communist party as direction,take advantage of the good situation of national development,speeding up the steps of foreign trade expanding.