Vinyl Resin for UV Ink

Apr. 25, 2019

Compared with other flexographic printing ink, UV ink has the following  features.

Vinyl Resin for UV Ink

1\UV ink can be quickly cured by ultraviolet irradiation, while the UV ink on the printing press or plate will not be cured before ultraviolet irradiation, that is, on the machine, dry after printing.

2\Dry installation is simple, low energy consumption, high consumption efficiency, fast drying, printing can immediately stop the follow-up processing.

3\The curing process of UV ink is a photochemistry reaction process. It is a process from linear structure to reticular structure. Therefore, the printing ink layer has many advantages, such as water resistance, alcohol resistance, wear resistance and aging resistance, which are beyond those of other types of ink. The curing principle of UV ink also determines that it is very suitable for printing non-absorptive printing materials.

4\Solvent-free volatilization, high solid composition of imprinting, small amount of ink, low comprehensive cost. For the same flexographic product, the amount of UV ink is less than 50% of that of ink. Ink concentration is high, so it is necessary to use a blockade ink groove, and to increase the temperature control system to adjust the ink viscosity. In order to avoid heat shrinkage of the printing material, it is also necessary to equip the UV lamp cooling system.

5\UV ink has fine particles, high concentration, no change in animal nature, no solvent volatilization, and stable viscosity. Good printing adaptability, high printing quality, not easy to paste, stack plate, can be printed with high viscosity, and ink layer adherence, high dot clarity, good reproducibility of tone, bright and average ink. One the UV ink of a certain color is adjusted, only a little adjustment and preparation time is needed before printing. It is especially suitable for spot color and large area field printing.

6\Although UV ink has good stability, it will change in high temperature and humidity environment. It should be kept in the environment below 28 C.

7\UV ink can not be mixed with ordinary ink, diluents, cleaning agents must also use special or dual-purpose.

8\Detailed UV ink of a certain type is not universal to all printing materials. It should be selected correctly through experiments depending on different printing materials and models.


Vinyl Resin for UV ink : it could provide the excellent adhesion on substrate, such as ABS, PET, PC etc, with alcohol resistance,  vinyl resin with hydroxyl and carboxyl could been used for this application.