ELC22/48A countertype of E22 48A

Dec. 22, 2023

In such fierce competition environment , the development of new product is much important .

PG chem is always on the way of product developing and improving and upgrating .

It's very happy to share our new product agagin for our ELC22/48A which is countertype of E22/48A .

Here are the characteristics of this series of products for printing inks: 
. High floss
. Superior color development
.Adhesion to various substrates
.Light fastness
.Strong hiding power
.Short dispersion times
. High resin solubility
.Wide range of compatibility with pigments and other raw materials

Further more, E grades can also be used in industrial coatings, such as Wood coatings, artificial leather coatings, shoe-sole coatings, plastic coatings, metal coatings, strippable coatings, stamping foils and also coil coatings.  

It has the advantages of:
.Easy pigment wetting
.Improved leveling characteristics
.Improved solvent release
.Optimized balance between elasticity and hardness
.Enhance chemical resistance
.Reduce yellowing

If there is any projects from you , just contact us freely!

Thank you