Vinyl resin for wood coating

Dec. 06, 2023

Its very happy to meet our customers and friends in the CHINACOAT 2023 in Shanghai last week .

Chinacoat is a big party of chemical materials used for ink ,coating and adhesive .

As for a manufacturer of vinyl resin (vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate copolymer and terpolymer resin ) ,we also display some new products in this coating show ,especially the vinyl resin used in wood coating .  

We have MVAG (countertype SOLBINA ) , ELC22/48A (countertype of E22/48A ),MVOH (countertype of VROH, TA3 ), ELC15/40A (countertype of E15/40A ) and TLC40/43 ( countertype of H40/43 ).

Its according to different formulation to choose a proper product .  

Our vinyl resin has good compatibility with PU resin ,alkyd resin ,expoxy resin and other resin ,also it could be used in two components crosslink curing .

The function of the vinyl resin in wood coating is to improve the adhesion ,film forming property , paint funlness , pigment dispersity and also the color strength .

If TDS or sample needed , pls contact us freely!

Vinyl resin for wood coating