Thanks your visiting to our booth in Asia pacific coating show

Sep. 20, 2023

       The Asia Pacific Coatings Show (APCS 2023) had been held in Bangkok, Thailand from September 6-8, 2023.  It is the most well-known and influential coatings exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. Its various raw materials, dyes, pigments, adhesives, inks, auxiliaries, fillers, polymers, resins, solvents, paraffin, testing instruments, coatings and coating equipment attracted many customers in Asia countries.  

       And we, Kunshan PG Chem Co.,Ltd had the opportunity to expand the Southeast Asian market,  to provide high class of vinyl resins for the customers in paints and inks industry.

       Through this Show, we introduced our new developed series of ELC to the inks and coatings customers.  

       These ELC series including ELC22/48A and ELC15/40A, which can replace Wacker’s grades E22/48A and E15/40A. 

They are specially used in wood coatings/varnishes and also gravure inks having the characteristics of easy pigment wetting, good leveling, solvent release, optimized balance between elasticity and hardness, enhance chemical resistance and reduced yellowing.

      We also introduced our TLC40/43 grade (equivalent to Wacker’s H40/43), which is specially used in UV ink and varnishes. It can be dissolved with monomer solvents such as HDDA or TMPTA.    

      Another specially recommended grade is MLC-14-55 (vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate copolymer). It has more excellent ester solubility compared with other equivalent grades from other manufacturers.    

Except above, we would like to announce that after many years’ stop of production of Vinyl chloride and vinyl isobutyl ether (equivalent to Laroflex MP45,MP35, MP25 etc), we will soon launch this product. 

     This is used in metal anti-corrosion coatings, road marking paints and plastic inks, having excellent hydrolysis resistance, good corrosion resistance, and excellent adhesion to various substrates.It is also well compatible with most solvent-based resins and is also soluble in most solvents. 

      The gravure ink produced by MP has excellent adhesion on polypropylene (BOPP, OPP), polyethylene (PE), polyester (PET) and other plastic film materials.

     For more products’details, please see our products introductions.

     Through this Exhibition and effort of our staffs, more and more customers know us and our products. This is a very wonderful promotion!

Thanks your visiting to our booth in Asia pacific coating show