Kunshan PG Chem Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of Vinyl Chloride - Vinyl Acetate, visited the company in May

Aug. 10, 2021

In the light of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, the epidemic situation in China has obviously been effectively controlled. Upon the decision of the company's leaders, the annual company tourism will be resumed.

The first stop is Zhangjiajie Forest Park (Huangshizhai, jinbianxi) - glass bridge / Huanglong cave. Visit Zhangjiajie's first National Forest Park [5A Zhangjiajie National Forest Park] and Tujia's first mountain stronghold [Huangshi stronghold scenic spot]. The world praised it as "less than Huangshi village, in vain to Zhangjiajie". Main tourist attractions: Liuqi Pavilion, star picking platform, double door welcome, wuzhifeng, etc. After that, visit the world's most beautiful [Jinbian River]. The fir forest is quiet, walking through the mountains, valleys and clouds. The stream is clear and clean. People walking along the Qingxi river is better than the middle reaches of painting. This is a tourist route combining appreciation and self entertainment. Ten miles of long stream, mountains turn around, step by step, one scene, ten steps by one sky. The stream gurgles through your feet, like a lute, like a zither, and sometimes Ding Dongyue's ears, Sometimes it trickles down.

Enter Zhangjiajie National Forest Park for the second time. Take the environment-friendly car to the Bailong elevator and get off the station: take the Bailong elevator to the yuanjiajie scenic area and visit the yuanjiajie scenic area. The beauty of the yuanjiajie is in its male, with mountains rising from the ground and magnificent. The main scenic spots include: [the first bridge in the world], [enchanting platform], [Hallelujah Mountain] (the shooting mountain of "suspended mountain" in Avatar), etc; Then take an environmentally friendly car to Tianzi mountain scenic spot to understand the origin of Zhangjiajie landform and structure, analyze the value of Zhangjiajie landform quartz sandstone minerals, and demonstrate the mystery of Zhangjiajie Dafeng forest that has not fallen for hundreds of millions of years. Its clouds and fog are praised by Chinese and foreign tourists. You can visit scenic spots such as [Helong park], [West Sea Stone Forest], [fairy flower offering], and the majestic posture of [Yubi Feng], the representative of the king of peak forest, makes people marvel at the uncanny workmanship of nature.

Visit the "soul of Wuling" Western Hunan sacred mountain [Tianmen Mountain]: known as the first sacred mountain in Western Hunan, the world's most beautiful sky garden and celestial fairyland, "six unsolvable mysteries": the opening of Tianmen, the turning of Tianmen, the hidden treasures of Yefu, the development of ghost Valley, and the emergence of Tianmen auspicious animals, adding to the supernatural mystery. With profound cultural heritage, it is known as the "soul of Wuling" and has five wonders: there is the longest [Tianmen Mountain cableway] cableway in the world, with an inclined length of 7455 meters and a horizontal height difference of 1279 meters between the upper and lower stations. It is the world's longest single track circulating detachable cable carrier carriage cableway.; There are 99 bends in the so-called Tongtian Avenue [winding mountain highway], and the "first highway wonder in the world" was born, with a vertical height difference of about 1279 meters. The winding mountain road known as Tongtian Avenue and the thrilling suspended glass plank road challenge your high altitude limit. You must wear shoe covers to experience the suspended glass plank road, which looks soft and gives people thrilling stimulation and shock【 Ghost Valley plank road]: the plank road has a total length of 1600 meters and an average altitude of 1400 meters. The whole line stands in the middle of the wanzhang cliff, giving people the feeling of rising and falling together with the cliff【 Tianmen cave opening]: it is a rare high-altitude mountain crossing karst cave. There are 999 steps to climb the Tianmen cave, symbolizing the supremacy and eternity. It has become a way for visitors from all over the world to pray for blessings;

Arrive and visit [Furong Town], formerly known as Wang village. It is an ancient town with a history of more than 2000 years. It is also known as "Millennium ancient town hanging on the waterfall" because of the magnificent waterfall. It has the reputation of Youyang Xiongzhen and "little Nanjing". Later, the film "Furong Town" starring Jiang Wen and Liu Xiaoqing was shot here and renamed "Furong Town", an antique stilted building and waterfall in Furong Town.

Through this trip, everyone has a higher sense of teamwork. Another way to get along, colleagues know each other better. I believe we can cooperate more tacitly in future work. Kunshan PG Chem, as a domestic supplier of high-quality vinyl resin, attaches great importance to the company's team construction and humanistic care. Through good welfare, stimulate employees' enthusiasm, and finally improve the company's product quality and various services.