Green toy paint, how to use vinly resin

Jun. 29, 2020

Customers make toy paint, using other domestic brands of vinly resin. The cyclohexanone solution contains 25% solids. Now, customers feedback that the toys can't be exported and can only be sold in China. The quality of toys is poor, belonging to low-end toys, and the surface of toys is not glossy. During the transportation of toys in summer, the anti adhesion between toys is serious. How to recommend the product characteristics of Pangao chemical?

1. The customer used cyclohexanone solvent, which is a high boiling point, slow drying solvent. The solvent did not dry out in time, because the solvent residue caused the anti adhesion between toys.


2. Other domestic brands of chloroacetates, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, cannot be exported, so they can only be sold in China.


3. The surface of the toy is matte, and the luster is not provided by the vinly resin. We can suggest that the customer can improve it by adding some aldehydes and ketones. In addition, due to the poor solvent release of other brands of vinly resin, and the use of slow drying cyclohexanone, the solvent has not dried out in time, resulting in the loss of the original luster of the ink.


4. The molecular weight of other vinly resin is low, and the film density is relatively poor, so the plasticizer can not be shielded, so the plasticizer runs out.

Suggestions of Pangao chemical:

1. Mlc-10-80 has large molecular weight and high film density, which can effectively shield plasticizer migration.

2. It is recommended that the customer confirm whether the paint film is completely dry, if not, change the drying conditions.

3. Mlc-10-80 does not contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and phthalates, meeting the standards of Mattel.

4. Adding aldehyde and ketone resin to improve the brightness of paint film