• Vinyl Resin for Car Refinishes

Vinyl Resin for Car Refinishes

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Providing adhesion on the substraces, with good dispersibility and directional alignment functions for both pigments and silver powder.

It is white powder、ester soluble with colorless and transparent solution,and it has with excellent solvent release、film-forming、dispersibility、color contrast property  and wettability,moreover, it has excellent dispersibility in pigment and has  very good adhesive force on PET,which can completely replace Solbin A grade of   Nissin and T5HX grade of Kaneka etc.

Vinyl Resin Quality standard (XHQB-10)

(Solbin A) (TA5R )(VAGH)
Composition(%)VinyI Chloride90  8884
Vinyl Acetate3  110
Others7c  11c6c
K Value46-48  404248-50
Viscosity No.52-56  404456-60
Average Molecular   WeightAbout 27000  About 27000  About   30000
SolubilityEster Solvent  20% Solid ContentEster Solvent  20% Solid ContentEster Solvent  20% Solid Content

Package, storage and transportation:

* In kraft bag, lined with pp bags of 25kgs net, with PE inner bag.

* Store in a dry and ventilated place, do not place in open-air, avoid storage in  direct sunlight and caution against wet.

*  Must be transported in clean vehicle with awning and keep away from moisture.

* It is NOT hazardous  article, and the shelf life is one year from the production date.