• Vinyl Resin for UV Coatings

Vinyl Resin for UV Coatings

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Soluble in monomer、solvent-free residue, provide the adhesion on substrate, such as ABS、 PET and PC etc. It could provide the alcohol resistance and dispersibility in pigment.

It is special-modified vinyl resin as exclusive use for application UV inks and offers a desirable balance of chemical resistance、excellent ester soluble、good solubility property in UV monomer、film-forming、solvent release、paint film strength and thermoplasticity etc, which has excellent interbedded adhesion and good bridging function.In UV system, it can provide good dispersibility in pigment、improve the flexibility and plumpness of paint film and adhesive force of material base、 lessen the procedure of base coating, and it can reach VOC zero release and conform to the requirements of environmental protection; It also has well sealing property in low temperature due to its lower melt index.

It can be best soluble in HDDA、TMPTA etc monomer in UV system with resin solution 10-20% solid content, and it can also be dissolved in part of solvent and part of monomer to get higher solid content.

Vinyl Resin Quality standard (XHQB-6)




(Solbin A)

 (TA5R )


VinyI Chloride



Vinyl Acetate






K Value



Viscosity No.



Average Molecular   Weight

About 27000

  About 27000


Ester Solvent 

20% Solid Content

Ester Solvent 

20% Solid Content

Package, storage and transportation:

* In kraft bag, lined with pp bags of 25kgs net, with PE inner bag.

* Store in a dry and ventilated place, do not place in open-air, avoid storage in direct sunlight and caution against wet.

* Must be transported in clean vehicle with awning and keep away from moisture.

* It is NOT hazardous article, and the shelf life is one year from the production date.