• Carboxyl-Modified Vinyl Chloride/Vinyl Acetate Copolymers VAMA
  • Carboxyl-Modified Vinyl Chloride/Vinyl Acetate Copolymers VAMA

Carboxyl-Modified Vinyl Chloride/Vinyl Acetate Copolymers VAMA

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Grade VAMA: It is white powder, ketone soluble with colorless, transparent solution, and because of the carboxyl functional group,it  has excellent adhesion on  metal,especially on aluminum foil,the resin foil also  has a good adhesion on PVC,ABS,paper,textiles,beton,etc.At the same time, it   also has good water resistance,   excellent oil, ester, acid, alkali and salt   water solution resistance.

VAMA Vinyl Resin Quality standard (XHQB-6)

No.ItemIndexTest method
1AppearanceWhite powderBy visual
3Composition % by WtVinyl Chloride 86±1%GB/T7139-2002
Vinyl Acetate 13±1%ISO1159-1978
Maleic Acid 1±0.2%
4Reactive Functionality (Carboxyl %)1±0.2%
5K Value45-47GB/T 3401-2007
6Viscosity No. ml/g50-54GB/T 3401-2007
7Glass Transition Temp ℃About 74GB11998-89
8Average Molecular WtAbout 27000Calculated by the Viscosity No.
9% by wt, through 60 mesh100%GB/T6003.1
10Apparent density (g/ml)≥0.5GB20022-2005
11Volatilization (%)≤1%GB/T2914-1999
12Impurity Particle No. /100g≤20GB9348-88
1325% resin in MEK/Toluene(50/50)Colorless and Transparent or yellowishBy visual


VAMA grade is used primarily for air-dry finishes, such   as maintenance, marine and metal coatings, aluminum foil varnish,cans sealed  paint,shoe   adhesive,floor paint,cement paint,silk screen printing and transfer  ink. And it often mixes with LC-40 grade, which is used in the production of   heat sealing packaging coatings, can effectively reduce the heat sealing temperature, raise the heat sealing strength. It also can be used to produce the VC sealing plastic package, Electro-chemical aluminum paint, thermal   transfer adhesive.

Package, storage and transportation:

* In kraft bag, lined with pp bags of 25kgs net, with PE inner bag.

* Store in a dry and ventilated place, do not place in open-air, avoid storage in  direct sunlight and caution against wet.

*  Must be transported in clean vehicle with awning and keep away from moisture.

* It is NOT hazardous  article, and the shelf life is one year from the production date.