• Vinyl Resin for Strip nails adhesive

Vinyl Resin for Strip nails adhesive

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Providing the adhesion force with carboxyl vinyl reisn.

Carboxyl-Modified Vinyl Chloride/Vinyl Acetate Terpolymer is white powder,ketone soluble with colorless,transparent solution, and because of the carboxyl functional group,it  has excellent adhesion on  metal,especially on aluminum foil,the resin foil also   has a good adhesion on PVC,ABS,paper,textiles,beton,etc.Moreover,it has  excellent  water resistance,oil,ester,acid,alkali and salt water solution resistance.It offers a desirable balance of chemical resistance,solubility,diaphaneity,film   strength,and thermoplasticity,and it also has a good hardness and flexibility  properties.

HVAMA Vinyl Resin Quality standard (XHQB-6)


Composition(%)VinyI Chloride868486
Vinyl Acetate131313
K Value44-4658-6044-46
Viscosity No.50-5482-9050-54
Average Molecular   WeightAbout 27000About 34000About 27000

Carboxyl-Modified Vinyl Chloride/Vinyl Acetate Terpolymer is used primarily for air-dry finishes,such as maintenance,marine and metal  coating,cans sealed paint,wood and glass coating,metal inks,adhesive for binder nail,etc.

Package, storage and transportation:

* In kraft bag, lined  with pp bags of 25kgs net, with PE inner bag.

* Store in a dry and  ventilated place, do not place in open-air, avoid storage in direct sunlight  and caution against wet.

* Must be transported in clean vehicle with awning and  keep away from moisture.

* It is NOT hazardous article, and the shelf life is one year from the production date.