• Sincerely invite global Vinyl resin agents

Sincerely invite global Vinyl resin agents

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Product Details

Channels   of   cooperation

一、Our advantages

Direct supply by manufacturer

Professional training

Market Promotion

Equivalent obligations

Sharing agent price

二、Conditions of agency cooperation

Company qualification:

Have legal business license and independent legal representative, have good business reputation and public praise.

Have a sales team:

A full-time sales team with sales experience in chemical industry or chemical raw materials industry.

Customer resources:

Rich local industry resources.

Recognize PG Chem's culture:

Willing to have long time cooperation with PG Chem and recognize PG Chem value and culture.

Agent application procedures

(1)Submit application by mail or online

(2)Offline review

(3)Discuss the plan

(4)Signed a cooperation

(5)Issue the certificate of sole agency

Our agent:

              U.S.A      Inida     Korea.......

Looking forward to your participation!

Contact Person:  Peter